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The XRpure Difference

Safe Cannabis Decontamination Backed By 75+ Years of Experience

When you partner with XRpure, you get more than a cannabis decontamination machine. You get a customized solution, personalized service, actionable data, and the ability to clean more cannabis than your competitors.

Customized Solutions

Before machine installation, we meet one-on-one with your growers to review their cultivation facility, the strains they grow, and any historical data they have regarding growing conditions and microbial content. From there, we create tailored treatment options that are dialed into your grow’s specific environment and the strains it supports.

XRpure XR16: X-ray Cannabis Decontamination Machine with Door Open
Worker using XRpure XR16: X-ray Cannabis Decontamination Digital interface

Personalized Service

After machine installation, your team is partnered with a designated XR Pure representative to be your guide and service technician. This partner will be your first point of contact should any questions or concerns arise. They’ll help you interpret the data collected by your XR16 or XR12, compare it to your compliance reports, and show you how to dial in your treatments to ensure each strain is receiving the proper dose of X-ray decontamination.

Actionable Data

Our equipment collects operational and diagnostic data to help streamline your operation. Your XRpure rep will show you how to interpret this data so you can use it to monitor how many batches you’ve run in a given period of time, compare your compliance reports to your treatment doses, and shape those dosages to a strain’s microbial count and water content.

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Greater Throughput

XRpure Icon: Autonomous Cycles

Autonomous Cycles

With the XR16 and XR12, you can stay focused on the other needs of your operation while the machine runs on its own. No need to hire or train an extra person to be with the machine the entire time, and no need to make drastic changes to your SOPs.

XRpure Icon: Faster Run Times

Faster Run Times With The XR16

The XR16 delivers a targeted decontamination dose at a rate that’s *1.5 to 3 times faster than other machines on the market. You can move large amounts of product—including product that’s already been packaged—and still pass compliance.

*Based on published competitor data.

XRpure Icon: Unmatched Technology

Unmatched Technology

The XR16 and XR12 are first-of-its-kind machines powered by our patent-pending XRreflect™ technology. This tech reflects 10-15% of the X-ray energy back into your flower for a faster and more effective cleaning process.

Pass microbial testing with confidence by leveraging nearly a century’s worth of knowledge and experience.