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Advanced Irradiation Systems – Pioneering Decontamination and Bioburden Reduction Technology

Unleash the power of purity with XRpure’s advanced irradiation systems, engineered to ensure the highest standard of decontamination across diverse industries. Discover scalable solutions that safeguard quality and integrity.

XRpure XR16: X-ray Cannabis Decontamination System

Peak Performance and Scalability

The XR16 shines in environments where volume and speed are non-negotiable. Its robust construction and cutting-edge technology deliver high-throughput decontamination, accommodating various industry needs.

A Spectrum of Applications

Designed for versatility, the XR16 is at home in any setting that requires the highest decontamination standards. From medical equipment and packaging to agricultural products and beyond, the XR16 ensures your products are pure.

Elevate Your Operation with XR16

Designed for versatility, the XR16 is at home in any setting that requires the highest decontamination standards. From medical equipment and packaging to agricultural products and beyond, the XR16 ensures your products are pure.

XR16 – The Leader in Decontamination Technology

Step into a realm where efficiency converges with precision. The XR16, powered by XReflect® Technology, is the epitome of advanced decontamination, crafted for superior safety and speed. This system isn’t just an innovation; it’s the new standard in microbial reduction technology.

XR16: The Benchmark for Broad-Spectrum Decontamination

With the XR16, we redefine what it means to be thorough. Our flagship model offers expansive capabilities to meet the rigorous demands of large-scale operations without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

XRpure XR12: X-ray Cannabis Decontamination System

Set a New Standard with XR12

Our XR12 system is more than just a machine; it’s your partner in exceeding industry standards. Efficient and reliable, it propels your decontamination capabilities into a new era.

XR12 – Efficiency Redefined

Select the XR12 for sustainable efficiency in decontamination technology. Matching the XR16 in size, the XR12 operates at a lower power level for reliable performance with reduced energy consumption. Our advanced XReflect® technology ensures precision with the added benefit of a longer-lasting X-ray tube, making the XR12 an intelligent choice for operations seeking a balance of power and endurance.

XR12: Versatile Decontamination for Advanced Applications

The XR12 system is a testament to our commitment to versatile decontamination solutions. Its sophisticated design integrates seamlessly into various operational scales, providing a robust answer to the increasing demand for thorough and reliable irradiation across different sectors.

Efficiency and Precision

Optimized for operations that value sustainability and efficiency, the XR12 delivers precise irradiation, ensuring consistent results with every cycle.

Adaptable to Various Industries

Whether you’re in food safety, medical supplies, or agricultural bioburden management, the XR12 adapts to your unique requirements, offering an effective and economical microbial reduction solution.

Applications of XRpure's Advanced X-Ray Technology

Potential applications of XRpure’s technology include:

Food Decontamination

Ensure the safety and longevity of your food products with our advanced systems, designed to decontaminate without altering taste or quality.

Bioburden Reduction

Maintain pristine environments with XRpure technology, adept at reducing microbial load to protect and extend the shelf life of your products.

Medical Research

Empower your research with reliable irradiation that enhances the integrity of your scientific inquiry, fostering breakthroughs and innovation.

Sterile Insect Technique (SIT)

Lead the way in pest control with our systems, offering a non-chemical, environmentally friendly approach to managing insect populations.

Packaging Decontamination

Secure your packaging standards with our irradiation solutions, helping your product's potential to remain uncontaminated from production to delivery.

Agricultural Bioburden Reduction

Protect your agricultural yield with our non-invasive decontamination process, enhancing product safety without chemical residues.

Elevate Your Standards with XRpure

Join the many businesses benefiting from our state-of-the-art irradiation technology built on over 75 years of experience. With XRpure, you’re not just meeting industry standards but setting them.

Worker holding door of the XRpure XR16: X-ray Cannabis Decontamination Machine