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Aspergillosis: Cannabis’s Stealthy Assassin

After a recent high-profile case of cannabis contamination, it’s time we examine the dreaded Aspergillus mold. Key Takeaways: Aspergillosis refers to the contamination of cannabis

The Silent Threat: Consequences of Selling Contaminated Cannabis

When cannabis is compromised by contaminants, it can wreak havoc on your reputation, operations, and your bottom line. Author: Jeff Adams, Managing Director at XRpure

Remediation or Decontamination? Unraveling the Cannabis Conundrum

Understand how remediation tackles failed tests while decontamination offers a proactive layer of protection. Key Takeaways: The use of cutting-edge cannabis technology, including specialized machinery

The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Decontamination Solutions

Evaluating X-ray, dry heat, UV light, and more to identify the most efficient, safe, and compliant cannabis decontamination method. Key Takeaways: Cannabis decontamination can be

The Great Showdown: Analyzing Cannabis Mold Countermeasures

XRpure’s comprehensive guide to understanding and combating mold in cannabis cultivation. Cannabis cultivation faces a significant challenge in mold prevention and treatment. Mold, a serious

Deciphering the Culprits: 10 Triggers for Cannabis Mold

Knowing what sets mold into action is the only way to prevent its proliferation in your cannabis cultivation grow room. Cannabis mold, a fungus that

Moldy Cannabis Crop: Is it a Total Loss?

Discover strategies for the detection, management, and prevention of mold in cannabis cultivation. Mold in commercial cannabis cultivation poses serious challenges, impacting consumer health and

Evaluating the Extent of Microbial Infiltration in Cannabis at Scale

The power to conquer microbial threats in commercial cannabis cultivation lies in a strategic blend of proactive and reactive measures. Starting with the early indicators

Charting a Path to Redemption: Microbial Cannabis Recovery

Explore effective strategies for detecting, managing, and recovering from microbial contamination in cannabis. The challenges and solutions of microbial contamination in cannabis are highlighted by

The Microbes Menacing Your Cannabis: Key Offenders and Symptoms

Guard your green against microbial threats with vigilance, action, and education. Delve into the critical importance of understanding microbial threats in commercial cannabis cultivation. This

Unmasking Mold: How to Recognize—and Fix—Contaminated Cannabis

Explore effective strategies for detecting mold in cannabis, understand the risks, and learn how to implement the right solutions to keep your crops clean and

Mold in the Greenhouse: Confronting Cannabis Contamination Head-On

Unlock the secrets of mold in cannabis cultivation. Dive into its nature, the challenges it presents, and the innovative solutions offered by XRpure. In the